Seeing Green Solutions is an energy solutions company that specialises in advising clients on what alternative energy solutions are available. We offer independent solutions that are both cost effective and commercially viable. We work with clients to ensure all energy options are evaluated equally and the best solution is selected.

As an independent advisor that is not connected with any one solutions provider we can offer clear and concise recommendations to our clients.

We are currently redesigning or wed site so we can explain in more detail what we offer. In the mean time if you require any of the services offered below, please give us a call on 0419 398 600.

•  Energy Efficient Building Designs and Upgrades.
•  Green and Brown Field Alternative Energy Solutions.
•  Solar Solutions.
•  Wind Solutions.
•  Natural Gas Energy Solutions.
•  Bio Gas Energy Solutions.
•  District Heating and Centralised Energy Plants.

If you are starting your investigation into how to reduce your energy bills, give us a call and we will discuss what options are available for you.

*Please note our website is currently under construction.. Our new website will be published soon.